Facebook Messenger dark mode finally teased − will launch “very soon”

Facebook has confirmed it is working on a dark mode for Messenger, and gave us a sneak peek of what it could look like at this week’s F8 Developer conference.

It switches the app’s colour theme from white and blue to a far more eye-friendly black and grey − ideal for when you’re messaging people in bed at night.

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It’s a feature that users have been crying out for for some time, and it’s good to know that it’s on its way. That said, Facebook hasn’t yet confirmed when dark mode will actually arrive.

After showing us a couple of seconds of teaser footage, the company said it would be coming “very, very soon”.

It appears that dark mode will arrive as part of a wider Facebook Messenger redesign. The social media firm seems determined to simplify the app, which has become bloated and not particularly nice to use over recent years.

This has seen the popularity of Messenger Lite − a pared-down version of Messenger − rise pretty spectacularly. It’s currently only available on Android, and has a much higher user rating than the regular version of Messenger.

When the redesign arrives, the Messenger home screen will look much cleaner, with conversations and friends given pride of place. Three navigation buttons will sit at the bottom of the screen, and there’ll be a search bar at the top, next to camera and video call keys.

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