Facebook Messenger Chess: How to play secret chat game

Are your message logs full of ‘K’s and ‘lol’s, and not much else? This could breathe some life into your Facebook Messenger conversations.

There’s a hidden feature in Facebook Messenger that lets you play chess with your friends.

The secret chess game is available for anyone to play, and is very easy to access – if you know how.

To start a game, open up a conversation with a friend and type: @fbchess play

To move your pieces, you just use standard notation. For instance, typing @fbchess Ke5 would move your king to the E5 square.

There’s also Q for queen, B for bishop, N for knight (umm?), R for rook, and P for pawn.

It’s also worth noting that with a piece like pawn, of which there are many, you’ll need to also select the column your piece is in. So Pcd3 would move the pawn in column C to the square D3.

fb 03

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Other codes include:

  • @fbchess resign – to end a match
  • @fbchess stats – to check match statistics
  • @fbchess play white – to choose white
  • @fbchess play black – to choose black

Let us know what you think of the hidden chess feature in the comments below.