Facebook For iPhone: The 2nd Killer App?

Owners get a dedicated site.

Looks like the iPhone just got its second killer app…

Following on from the great hubbub surrounding the handset’s YouTube integration new social networking darling Facebook has launched a dedicated iPhone version of its hugely popular site.

Accessed at iphone.facebook.com the site can also be previewed from a standard web browser and looks absolutely stunning with full features including News Feeds, Emails, Status, Requests and Searches and iPhone matching horizontal ‘screen wipe’ animations. I’ve guinea-pigged myself in the screenshot above.

Ironically, I actually found the iPhone site to be far easier to navigate than the original so Mark Zuckerberg and his team have pulled off an absolutely stunning job and in remarkably quick time. Sadly however at this stage it isn’t compatible with other mobile browsers.

Now whether the iPhone in itself has enough users to make this substantial coding effort pay off against old school rival MySpace is a matter for debate, but it certainly shows what can be achieved with a little time and effort…

iPhone Facebook Compatible with desktop browsers}

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