Facebook is bigger than ever before, despite recent privacy scandals

Facebook, rocked by near constant scandals over the last 12 months, is still bringing in the users.

It’s been a shocking year for the Mark Zuckerberg fronted media company, as the Cambridge Analytica scandal, multiple privacy overreach issues and recently even a scandal that saw Facebook paying teens and adults $20 a bunch to install monitoring apps on their devices.

Still, it seems users don’t mind. The California-based social media company has announced that 2.32 billion people are logging into the site at least once a month. That’s a 9 percent increase on last year.

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In fact, if there are any complaints about the company’s recent scandals, it’s not showing in their financials either. Annual revenues are up 30 percent year on year.

The company’s shares have lost a significant chunk of their value since July 2018 when the company warned people about a slow to their potential revenue growth, and the shares haven’t yet recovered. Still, these figures will likely help.

Considering the largely negative rtown adopted when people discuss Facebook online in light of all of the recent revelations, it shows that most users don’t seem to be concerned about the recent furore surrounding Facebook and are still using it, with more people spending time on the social media site than ever before.

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Bad news for those concerned about Facebook’s war on privacy, good news for the Zuck’s hulking social media juggernaut, I guess.