Facebook Admits It’s Moving “Too Slowly”

Facebook is feeling the pressure from other social media

behemoths such as Twitter and Google+, but its latest innovations are not

reactions to popular features from other services according to its head of engineering

Last week Facebook rolled out a service which will allow

users to subscribe to people and follow their activity without becoming a

fully-fledged friend of theirs – similar to the way people follow others in

Twitter you could say.

Zuckerberg’s network also rolled out a new way of organising your friends’ lists via the new subscribe button with is seen as a

direct admission that the Circles feature in Google+ is the way forward.

However, despite this seemingly copycat behaviour, as Andrew

Bosworth, the head of engineering at Facebook, pointed out that it wasn’t as if

Facebook just dreamed up these new additions in the last couple of weeks.

Facebook Subscribe Button

“People, especially with Google+, have been saying,

‘did you launch that in response to that?’ and it’s fun to tell that story – from

the outside it looks like a cause-and-effect – but the timelines are a little

bit longer than that unfortunately,” he told the Guardian.

The subscriptions feature has been knocking around at Facebook towers for as long as two

years and had been in development for the last two months according to Bosworth.

However despite the new features, the engineer admitted he felt as if the site

was not moving quick enough for his liking.

“We are constantly feeling the pressure. We constantly

feel like we’re moving too slowly. You can get lots of engineers, but do they

dilute the culture? Do they understand the culture? Do they help push you

forward? You want every team to be one man short, because that way everyone is

at 100 per cent.”

The Facebook Developer conference, f8 will be taking place later this week and should provide some insights into

where the social network will be moving in the next couple of years – and we’ll

have all the latest from California for you as it happens.

For now, let us know in the comments what you think of the

new Facebook features.