iPhone X reboot can help fix broken Face ID in iOS 11.2

Apple appears to have broken Face ID a little with its latest iOS 11 update, knocking the iPhone X’s core feature out of action.

After updating to iOS 11.2, some iPhone X users are reporting that Apple’s facial recognition system Face ID is failing to work, according to 9to5Mac readers.

Some people noted that after updating to the latest version of iOS 11 they were greeted by the message “unable to activate Face ID” when trying to get into their iPhone X.

A simple reboot of the handset seems to do the trick and kicks Face ID back into action. If Face ID doesn’t work after a reboot then users will have no choice but to contact Apple Support or visit the Genius Bar of their nearest Apple store.

Not every iPhone X is being blighted by such software problems, but the fact that it’s happening at all to a £999 handset isn’t good news and doesn’t tally with Apple’s old maxim of it “just works”.

It would appear that part of the problem stems from Apple hurrying out the upgrade to iOS 11.2, which Cupertino pushed out to squash a bug that was causing severe iPhone crashes due to problems with the date changing from December 1 to December 2. The date bug caused some handsets to go into a soft reboot where the phone doesn’t completely shutdown but keeps reloading the home screen, essentially making the iPhone very difficult to use.

All this would suggest Apple might need to take a closer look at its software testing, which would appear to be a bit lacking of late.

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