F2S Launches ‘Broadband 4 Gamers’

Stomp down on those pings.

Didn’t think there was such a thing as ‘gaming broadband’? Freedom2Surf wants you to think again…

The respected ISP has announced the industry’s first (at least that I am aware of) broadband package designed specifically for gamers. Priced at £24.99 per month, ‘Broadband 4 Gamers’ is an 8Mbps service which promises 50 per cent lower ping times, prioritised traffic and just two hops between a gamer’s router and the game server.

Interestingly, BB4G – as F2S is dubbing it – also has no traffic management as well as 50GB of bandwidth allowance per month and free access to a wide selection of games on Wireplay including the Half Life series and classics like Quake and Ultima.

Away from the gaming techno tomfoolery BB4G also bundles 500 minutes of free home phone calls, 20 email addresses (with 200MB storage each), 200MB of F2S webspace and 20GB of Giganews group allowance. F2S won’t charge users to switch to the service either while it won’t invoke one of those pesky 18 month contracts.

Of course the real question here however is whether ‘dedicated gaming broadband’ is any faster than, say, an ADSL2+ connection but all kudos to F2S for creating a market differentiator…

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