Explore Google’s graveyard of products with Killed By Google

In just a few days, Google will be killing off social network Google+ and experimental email app Inbox. They’re not the first thing Google has taken the axe too, with apps like Google Goggles, Google Now, Google Code, and even my beloved Google Reader falling by the wayside as Google marches onwards.

One developer, Cody Ogden, has created a website that lists every Google product that’s been killed off by the 21-year-old Google. Some of these are recognisable: Google Reader, the Nexus series of phones, and even Google Wave all have their little obituary on Killed By Google.

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The list is substantial. 149 different Google products have been killed off over the years, That’s 11 apps, 12 hardware products and 129 different services outside of that.

However, rather than mourning for the apps and services that we’ve lost, Killed By Google is an unlikely reminder of how bold the company is. They have regularly launched experimental products, whether these are apps or straight up hardware, only to kill them off later if they haven’t worked out.

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The site is open source, so if you want to help to memorialise Google in your own special way, you can pitch in on development. If that isn’t your scene, why not read up on the history of lesser-known products like BufferBox or Google Moderator.

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