Sky HD Boxes Failing En Masse

Best check to see if your digibox is made by Pace...

Here’s something Sky was trying to keep under wraps…

The broadcasting mega-corporate has very quietly begun contacting thousands of its customers to inform them their Sky HD digiboxes have a major design flaw which necessitates urgent replacement.

The problem affects Pace made Sky HD units (the outwardly identical Thomson, Samsung and Amstrad models are fine) and causes gradual damage to the device’s hard drive which eventually results in complete failure. The scale of the problem is widespread with an insider revealing to me that staff were informed of a “high priority secret project” at the start of the week but not what it entailed until yesterday.

Since then entire teams have been moved off their usual duties to man the phones and discreetly inform customers and the whole replacement operation is expected to last more than three months. It is not clear whether Thomson, Samsung and Amstrad boxes will be installed instead or whether Pace has now fixed the problem.

As a titbit to subscribers – who will lose all their stored content when their boxes are replaced – Sky is handing out three months of free HD subscription, something that usually costs £10pm on top of a channel bundle.

Have you been on the end of a Sky ‘secret’ call yet? If you’re a Sky HD subscriber there’s a good chance you will…

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”’Update:”’ Yes, this is the original story that has been picked up and run with (mostly uncredited) by the national papers and radio stations today – a mere ”four days” later.

Sky has now posted an official notice for customers on its site (the way it should have done in the first place) – though of course we got the first (rather bitter) repost recorded in our comments section which you can see for posterity. You read it here first people!

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