Exclusive: Pioneer UK Responds to TV Quit Reports

Say it isn't so...

If you have the slightest appreciation for high end quality and craftsmanship this is a potentially heart stopping headline: Pioneer could be pulling out of the TV business altogether.

The furore comes following an article in Japan’s Nikkei times which suggests the global economy has proven too much for Pioneers luxurious televisions. Being admittedly huge Pioneer fans (both Riyad and I spent our hard earned money on Kuros – the others just need to save harder!) I’ve pressed the company’s UK arm for a comment. I got this worryingly non-committal reply:

“The Nikkei article was published based on speculation by a Nikkei writer, not based on Pioneer’s official announcement,” explained one of Pioneer’s usually chirpy PR reps. “We are now reviewing all the business operations to make our mid-term business strategy group-wide. As soon as it is completed, we will officially announce it.”

Doesn’t exactly fill you with confidence does it? Furthermore, a little birdy tells me we won’t have to wait long to hear something official on this – potentially by the end of the week. In truth recent indicators aren’t good and it all sounds horribly ominous…

*Thinks happy thoughts, thinks happy thoughts*

”Bloody bankers!”

Initial Report via Nikkei

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