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Evoz Parenting Monitor is a smart baby monitor

Baby monitors have been around for years, but this one is smarter than most. It can play music, act as a nightlight, record audio, take photos and video, alert you when something is up, and more.

It’s called the Evoz Parenting Monitor, and is positioned as a toolbox for parents. As with others, you can keep tabs on your toddler using your tablet or smartphone, and talk to them over a wireless connection. It’s the more advanced features that set it apart.

You can be alerted when your baby cries, or if the room gets too hot or cold. It will track your baby’s activity, like what time they fall asleep and wake up, as well as feeding and changing times. There’s a whole load of videos and text offering parenting tips, too, based on this data. If your child isn’t napping long enough, for example, it will present a step-by-step guide to increasing nap times.

The company has enlisted the services of Kim West, the self-styled Sleep Lady, to give her advice.

You can make a scrapbook of your photos and videos too, so you’ll have that first word stored forever.

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Evoz was one of the first companies to make a smartphone-connected baby monitor, and this looks like a genuine step on from that.

It can be yours for $185 (£120). It’s passed its $25,000 funding goal and should ship in April.