Evolve matchmaking offers second/third class choices most

2K Games has revealed you’re most likely to get your second or third class choice in the Evolve matchmaking.

The Evolve matchmaking system works in such a way that you’re most likely to get your second or third choice rather than your first.

The news comes courtesy of Evolve producer Chloe Skew in an interview with TrustedReviews.

“I could spit out a stat but it would be bullshit, but basically, most of

the time you’ll land up in the role of your second or third choice,” explained Skew. “We

have to balance that, though, with matching you with players who are on

your skill-level and the mechanics of that are still being tweaked”.

That could mean if you’re looking to play as a specific class or as the monster, you might have better luck choosing them as your second or third preference in the matchmaking settings.

Read the full Evolve Interview with Chloe Skew: Building and Balancing the 4v1 Shooter

In the interview we asked whether players’ progress in a certain class also influences the matchmaking process.

“I don’t think our matchmaking is quite that clever. In fact I don’t know of any matchmaking in a game that’s quite that clever,” said Skew. “That sounds very cool, though. I like that idea. That could be a goal we move towards, but at the moment we do our best to match you with the role you’d prefer.”

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Evolve features four different Hunter classes – Medic, Support, Assault and Trapper – and the Monster. At launch there are three tiers of each available, which you’ll need to unlock as you progress with each class.