Everyone’s At It: Toshiba’s Dinky WiFi PMP

Zune maker shows it knows how to pleasure itself too...

Clearly, if you don’t have a slim and sexy PMP on the market you’re just not cool anymore…

Following Samsung’s P2, Creative’s launch of the ZEN and Apple’s admittance that new iPods will be announced on 5 September, Zune maker Toshiba has stepped forward to make its own case.

The Gigabeat T401 is an ultra thin (9.9mm), ultra light (58g) player with a 2.4in QVGA screen and support for MP3, WMA, WMV and WMA 9 Lossless formats. It somehow offers a major differentiator: wireless b/g, while Tosh is keen to stress audio quality will be right up with the best of them thanks to the integration of its new H2C acoustic technology.

Battery life for the T401 is a mixed bag with five hours video matching up with most recently announced players but the 16 hour audio playback time shorter than many.

The T401 goes on sale in Japan from 7 September for 24,800 yen (around £130) while a version sans-WiFi called the 401S will appear on the same date for 24,800 yen (£110 approx).

Current iPod killer? Definitely.

5 September iPod killer? ”Probably not”.

Product Page – In Japanese

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