EU Demands Cheaper Roaming SMS & Data Rates

From zero to hero, to super hero...

It may be a tortoise, but it seems the European Union is slowly and surely winning the race…

Following the body’s success in enforcing lower roaming calls rates, its head has been turned to the sky-high prices still demanded by networks for roaming SMS and data.

Consequently, carrying the fight – as she did for calls – is the EU’s Telecommunications Head, Viviane Reding. Reding is something of a love/hate figure as despite pushing for lower call rates she is also seen as holding up the .eu domain registration process with arcane red tape.

“I call on operators to deal with the problem of high prices for text messages and data,” she told journalists. Should the networks not comply she claims she will produce a report towards the end of 2008 similar to the one created to enforce roaming call reductions.

Of course, telcos being telcos (with the possible exception of 3 which has been extremely fair to date) any action is likely to be held off until the last possible minute as customers are milked for as long as possible. What is clear however is that costs ”will” fall and there’s nothing any network can do about it 🙂

Good on you Mrs R, you’ve got my vote…

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