Ethernet Set To Break 40 & 100Gbit Barriers

Not ready to give in to WiFi and WUSB just yet.

With wireless USB ratified and wireless n almost there, the venerable Ethernet port needs to do something special to prove it still has a role to play. Something special, ”like this”…

Speed is what’s on the menu and the Ethernet Alliance has confirmed that blockbusting ”40Gbit” and ”100Gbit” data transfer rates are officially on the way.

“The Ethernet Alliance members contributed to the HSSG efforts and provided pivotal input as the study group developed its recommendations for a single PAR with two rates to accommodate the growing bandwidth demands in both the networking and computing industries,” said Brad Booth, Ethernet Alliance President. “The Ethernet Alliance members look forward to supporting the progress towards the development of 40GbE, 100GbE and energy-efficient Ethernet standards.”

Naturally enough, the announcement goes on to say that these standards will initially find their homes in enterprise products with high end server, storage and network aggregation usage the first ports of call. Despite this, we all know that the 10/100/1000 Ethernet standard(s) we all use today started off the same way so – though it might be a while – expect these mind boggling speeds to filter their way down to consumer machines in a few years time.

So Ethernet looks here for the long run. What was that misnomer about Old Dogs…?

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