Epson Touts Inkjet Technology for OLED TVs

Claims it as the best manufacturing process for OLED panels.

Strange as it may sound, Epson thinks that it has developed an inkjet technology which “represents a major step toward the realization of 37-inch and larger Full HD OLED TV.” A demonstration unit is to be shown off at the 2009 Society for Information Display international symposium, along with the full details, but Epson has explained the basics.

The inkjet technology in question is used for depositing the organic material layer that is the ‘O’ in OLED. This inkjet process is an alternative to another called vacuum thermal evaporation, which is apparently not suited to larger panel sizes as it is difficult to ensure uniformity of the organic layer – which is important.

Inkjet deposition of this organic material suffers from no such limitations as, says Epson, its Micro Piezo inkjet technology enables precise ejection of material droplets such as only the required amount is applied. In trial production a lower than one per cent volume error rate was achieved, which sounds pretty good and could likely be improved upon with more development.

Epson will be showing off a 14in prototype display at SID 2009. All going well the likes of Panasonic, Samsung or Sony – all of which have promised large size OLED TVs in the next couple of years – will be around to check out Epson’s inkjet OLED production technology and, if it’s as good as claimed, duly assimilate it.


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