Epson Launches Low-cost 720p Projector

Bizarrely, not everyone considers ludicrously expensive a required feature.

The last 720p projector we looked at from Epson didn’t disappoint us, offering some pretty good features alongside solid value for money. A mere six months later and similar specs are popping up in the PowerLite Home Cinema 720 HD for a dollar price close to the UK cost of the EMP-TW700 HD when we reviewed it.

So, starting with what’s the same, it’s using Epson’s preferred 3LCD technology with the same 10:000:1 contrast ratio. 10-bit colour processing is also on hand and the projector claims a brightness of 1,600 Lumens. Epson also suggests that the projector should be good for images up to 120in diagonal, which rather outclasses most TVs in terms of size versus cost.

100 per cent vertical and 50 per cent horizontal lens offsetting is also possible, which should help with setting up the projector for as good an image as possible and, perhaps obviously, HDMI and component ports are provided as well as RCA and S-video connectors. Available come the end of the October, the PowerLite will cost $1,299 (as already hinted) which equates to around £620 pre-tax.

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