Enemy Territory: Quake Wars at E3

Even if Quake 4 didn't rock your world, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars could rekindle your interest.

Much of Activision’s stand was taken over by Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. This was one of the games that I was looking forward to playing at E3 and I wasn’t disappointed. Set before id’s classic Quake II, Quake Wars covers the initial battle between the humans and the Strogg as the aliens try to invade Earth. This really is a dream backdrop for a team based first person shooter and developer, Splash Damage looks like it’s making the most of this opportunity.

I played as part of an eight versus eight setup on the Activision stand and chose to be on the Strogg side – I’ve spent enough years playing as a human in the Quake universe after all. What I really liked about Enemy Territory is that your team needs to have a good mix of troops in order to successfully win a match. Just like Battlefield 2, you have different classes of troop and each class has different abilities. However, unlike Battlefield 2, the human and Strogg troops are not exactly mirrored – comparable troops on either side are still slightly different, which adds to the tactical aspect of the game.

As with any game of this genre there are loads of vehicles at your disposal, everything from jet packs to tanks in fact. More interesting are the ground units that certain troops can deploy. If you’re worried about troops slipping through your defences, why not plant an anti-personnel canon, but just remember that this gun won’t fire on vehicles. If there’s enough room for a vehicle attack maybe an anti-vehicle gun would be better, or you could throw in with a team mate and make sure that both angles are covered.

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