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Worried about attacks on Windows 7? Here’s how to get Windows 10 cheap

Windows 7 is reaching its end of life and experts warn that anyone who continues to use the older operating system could be at risk of cyber-attacks.

Microsoft has confirmed that it’s ending all support for Windows 7 tomorrow, ten years after the system first launched. This means that your computer will no longer get security patches, software fixes or technical support for any issues.

This means you really should upgrade to Windows 10 sooner rather than later if you want to protect yourself.It’s unlikely to affect your computer immediately, but you should probably upgrade to Windows 10 regardless.

“By using an unsupported operating system, users expose themselves to cybersecurity risks as Microsoft will no longer resolve security flaws found on the system,” says Raj Samani, Chief Scientist and McAfee Fellow.

“Cybercriminals can use this to their advantage by identifying any flaws in the system and potentially accessing consumer’s data and information. As seen previously during the end life of former operating systems, such as Windows XP.”

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Windows 10 is the latest OS from Microsoft, released only five years ago. Up until 29 July, 2016 customers could get an upgrade to the system for free, but now users have to fork out if they want the new OS.

In a blog post from 2016, Microsoft wrote: “After July 29th, you’ll be able to continue to get Windows 10 on a new device, or purchase a full version of Windows 10 Home for $119.”

Buying an entirely new device just to get Windows 10 seems like an expensive way to upgrade your security. But that $119 figure also seems pretty high.

Luckily, we’ve found some deals that are well below Microsoft’s $119 figure. Here are some of our favourites.

If you want to make sure that internet snoopers can’t access your private information, then it might be time to go Windows shopping.