Ember is a coffee mug you control from your smartphone

It’s autumn, it’s cold. What you need is a nice hot drink. But what with the pace of modern life, it can be easy to accidentally let your drink get cold. Not with this mug.

It’s called Ember, and it lets you keep your drink at the desired temperature. Just twist the dial on the bottom one way to warm it up, and the other to cool it down. It even has an LED readout showing the temperature. (In the photos it’s in degrees Fahrenheit, but you can switch it to Celsius using the app.)

Ah yes, the app. This lets you control the mug from your phone. Not only is this handy if you get called into a meeting and leave your drink behind, it can also ping you with notifications, like when it reaches the optimum drinking temperature. You’ll never burn your mouth again!

You can also use presets for different drinks, so one temperature for green tea, one for coffee, one for darjeeling etc. You can even name your mug using the app. Something like Mike’s Mug, perhaps. Or Terry.

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It juices up using a wireless charging plate that doubles as a coaster. With a full battery, it can keep your drink at the same temperature for two hours. Keep it plugged in, and it’ll keep it there indefinitely. Though we wouldn’t advise you drink weeks-old coffee, no matter how warm it is.

It’s passed its funding goal and still has 29 days to go. It can be yours for $109 (£70) on an early bird, and will ship in April.