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Bitcoin scammers are trying to cash in on Elon Musk’s “pedo” apology

Scammers on Twitter are capitalising on Elon Musk’s recent apology to try and get unwitting users to part with their cryptocurrencies, in exchange for (non-existent) cheap Tesla cars and free Bitcoin or Ethereum.

The scammers have accounts that closely imitate Musk’s own. They use the same profile picture, display name, and a very similar Twitter handle to convince users that their tweets are part of Musk’s original Twitter thread.

Musk’s apology tweet can be seen below.

Then scammers got involved.

We’re not going to embed the tweet in case someone accidentally clicks the link, so instead we’ve embedded a screenshot below.

Cryptocurrency scammers have consistently targeted Musk’s tweets with offers of free giveaways of Ethereum of Bitcoin. Presumably, their thinking is that a prominent technology figure is the kind of person who’d actually run a crypto-giveaway.

It’s got so bad that Musk himself has actually commented on the scammers. Speaking in a tweet, he queried who was running the scambots before praising their “mad skillz”.

Musk, of course, isn’t the only high-profile Twitter user to have had his tweets targeted. In the past a number of prominent games developers have seen scammers slide into their mentions to ‘apologise’ for server downtime with offers of free cryptocurrency giveaways.

But these scammers might not be around for much longer. After reaching a high of $19,000 back in December, the value of Bitcoin has now crashed to around $7,500. In response, many small- and medium-sized mining operations are exiting the market, and GPU prices are reaching normal levels once again.

Now we just have to hope that Twitter can come up with a way of blocking imitation accounts en masse in order to prevent scammers from piggybacking on the reputations of respected users.

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