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Elite: Dangerous Xbox One release date confirmed

Frontier Development’s Elite: Dangerous will launch this October for the Xbox One.

Elite: Dangerous is due to leave the Xbox Preview Program this October as Frontier Developments prepare for its official release on the platform.

The title is currently part of the preview program, which operates in a similar fashion to Steam’s Early Access.

Players can pay a smaller price to play an in-development build of the title, choosing to offer direct feedback to the developers as the game is being created.

Elite: Dangerous was first announced for Xbox One at E3 2015, and has since been available on Xbox One, albeit in an incomplete state.

In a recent Reddit AMA, Frontier Developments CEO David Braben confirmed the game’s release date.

He also unfortunately told fans that all of the ships and modules acquired in the preview program build of the game will not carry over to the full version.

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Players will receive their items’ worth in cash however, which can claimed once the full game has launched.

Preview participants will get an exclusive reward when they boot up the full version, although what this will be is unknown.

It could be a fabulous, pink ship or a module exclusive to the Xbox version of the game. This is purely our own speculation, only time will tell what players will get their hands on.

Braben also said that account transfers across PC and Xbox One will be possible in the future, but possibility of crossplay is still up in the air.

Crossplay between Windows 10 and Xbox One would be an ideal feature for Elite: Dangerous, more so when you consider its prospering PC player base.

Fable Legends is set to support crossplay between both platforms when it launches later this year.

Elite: Dangerous will launch for Xbox One on October 6.