Eizo Debuts 30in Split Screen LCD

Distinctive features, but also some let downs.

Is 30 the new 22…?

In age terms I like to think so, but in technology I know so as image specialist Eizo has become the latest in a long line of manufacturers to turn out its entry into this increasingly crowded monster bracket.

The catchily named ‘SX3031W-H’ – as is usual for 30 inchers – ticks the 2560 x 1600 native resolution box but then appears to be a series of trade-offs. On the upside it features dual DVI-D which enables it to display two different video sources side-by-side at up to 1200 x 1600 and Eizo claims the panel covers the whole of the NTSC colour range. It has also thrown in a pair of USB2.0 ports for good measure.

On the downside, there is no HDMI, brightness has a moderate rating of 260cd/m2 and there’s a particularly weak 900:1 contrast ratio while the response time is a functional, but hardly cutting edge, 12ms.

A December time frame is in place for the SX3031W-H, but – though perhaps more one for the niche market – it will have to do a lot better than the 298,000 yen (£1,300+) RRP if it hopes to make an impact amongst the big boys…

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