Eclipse Brings £4,000 Speaker Tech To PCs

Virtually all the goodness and one tenth the asking price.

If you’re a true audiophile then the seemingly endless search for the perfect desktop speakers may finally be over…

Elite manufacturer Eclipse has announce the ‘TD307PAII’, a discrete yet stunningly high end set which shares exactly same basic design, engineering, clarity and phase and impulse signal integrity at its £4,000 uber TD712z.

Marketed for one tenth the price, the TD307PAII is based on a single driver design with no crossover to virtually eliminate cabinet effects while sporting a frequency response of 100Hz to 25KHz (110Hz to 20KHz was on its 307 predecessor) and usable bass to 80Hz, a miniature marvel! Furthermore, the speakers themselves can handle up to 24W with 8Ω impedance and 80dB/W-m efficiency/sensitivity.

Finally, although designed primarily as a 2.1 system, TD307PAII has a Meccano quality to them with extra speakers (£130 each) and separate bass (£200) also available.

The high end super system goes on sale this month and if you’re questioning whether desktop speakers can be worth £400 then ask yourself if famed users John Williams, Michael Nyman, Randy Brecker, Simon Osborne & Klaus Heimann and The Royal Academy of Music can all be wrong…?