eBay reveals tough new measures to kill dodgy Kodi boxes

So-called ‘fully-loaded’ Kodi boxes will be removed from sale on eBay in a bid to tackle online piracy.

The auction website will remove listings for any products that don’t comply with the law. This includes set-top streamer boxes that are designed to circumvent copyright restrictions and play content for free that would otherwise require payment to view.

For example, streaming boxes running open-source Kodi boxes are hugely popular right now. One of the big pulls for such boxes is that they can be loaded with software that allows the streaming of pirated movies, TV shows, and live sports. British police are already cracking down on the sale of these ‘fully-loaded’ Kodi boxes, with arrests having already been made – and fines subsequently doled out.

Speaking to the Sun, an eBay spokesperson said: “We run several initiatives designed to combat the infringement of intellectual property rights, including the Verified Rights Owner Program (VeRO).”

“We work with the police and regulators to ensure that all listings on eBay comply with the law,” eBay continued. “There are blocks in place to prevent the listing of illegal items, but we also constantly monitor our marketplace.”

Anyone found to be knowingly selling items that don’t comply with the law will be investigated and could face account restrictions or suspension,” the spokesperson added.

The news comes just weeks after it was revealed that Amazon had decided to crackdown on “Kodi-like streamers”, as reported by the Inquirer. Amazon didn’t make an official announcement on the matter, but added very clear guidelines to the restricted products section of Amazon’s seller advice page:

“Products offered for sale on Amazon should not promote, suggest the facilitation of, or actively enable the infringement of or unauthorised access to digital media or other protected content. Any streaming media player or other device that violates this policy is prohibited from sale on Amazon.”

The online retail giant continued: “It is your responsibility to source and sell products that do not promote, promise the facilitation of, or actively enable the infringement of or unauthorised access to digital media or other protected content. If you sell these products, we may immediately suspend or terminate your selling privileges and destroy inventory in our fulfilment centres without reimbursement.”

“In addition, if we determine that your account has been used to engage in fraud or other illegal activity, remittances and payments may be withheld or forfeited,” Amazon added.

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