EA purges Star Wars Battlefront 2 of controversial loot box microtransactions – for now

Hours before the full launch of the eagerly anticipated Star Wars Battlefront 2, EA has announced that it is temporarily removing in-game purchases from the title.

EA and subsidiary unit DICE took to Twitter to issue a statement over Battlefront 2’s controversial microtransaction system, saying that crystal purchasing had been disabled in the game and all progression would instead be earned the traditional way – through gameplay.

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However, it’s important to note that while in-game purchases have been culled from the game before its global launch, DICE General Manager Oskar Gabrielson’s statement adds that “the ability to purchase crystals in-game will become available at a later date.”

In other words, the disabling of microtransactions is likely only a temporary move, and EA plans to reintroduce purchasing to the game after unspecified “changes” have been made.

While many gamers have welcomed the announcement, there’s plenty of scepticism, too, about the company’s real intentions.

Games industry analyst Daniel Ahmad offered his hot take on Twitter:

YouTuber @DingDongVG was also less than impressed:

Star Wars Battlefront 2’s in-game purchasing system has been the subject of intense debate since the game broke cover.

On the one hand, there’s those who feel it’s bloody cheeky of EA to ask gamers to (potentially) cough up additional dosh to progress characters and unlock heroes in a title that costs £50 off the shelf.

More seriously, some fear Battlefront 2’s loot box system effectively amounting to gambling – something that’s particularly concerning considering the amount of younger gamers likely to be drawn to the Star Wars title.

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Whatever the case, the temptation to buy Battlefront 2 has never been greater now that Black Friday 2017 is underway – but it looks like the in-game purchasing saga is far from over.

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