EA Details First Wii Motion Plus Games

Two titles to utilise the feature initially.

Considering EA owns the right to makes games for just about every big sports franchise on the planet, it’s hardly surprising to hear that the next version of two of Ea Sports’ games will be coming complete with support for Wii Motion Plus – Nintendo’s enhanced motion-tracking Wiimote sensors.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 and EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis are to be the first of EA Sports’ titles to receive Motion Plus compatibility which makes sense. Both should benefit massively from the greatly enhanced tracking afforded by the improved sensors.

The last iteration of Tiger Woods on the Wii wasn’t exactly renowned for the precision of its controls, so fans of the series will no doubt be pleased to know the next iteration will offer a level of what could actually be called accurate control over shots. Many Wii Tennis fans will likewise find some enjoyment in playing a tennis game where the kind of shot played is decided by more than fluke.

No release dates more specific that “before the end of 2009” for either game, but given the Wimbledon Grand Slam begins in June and the PGA championship in August, launches around those periods would seem logical.

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