E-TEN Makes TyTN II Beater

Anything you can do I can do better...

The HTC TyTN II/T-Mobile Vario III is currently our smartphone of choice but could E-TEN be about to better it…?

Dutch site PocketInfo.nl has unearthed a gem called the ‘M800’ which fulfils E-TEN’s long made declaration that it would launch a Qwerty thumbboard equipped version of the excellent X800.

Consequently, like the X800, the M800 is an touchscreen, HSDPA totting handset with onboard GPS (courtesy of the tried and tested SiRFstar III chip), 256MB ROM and Windows Mobile 6 along with TYTN II bashing features such as a delectable VGA display (v QVGA), 500MHz CPU (v 400MHz), larger 1530mAh battery (v 1350 mAh), lighter weight (178g v 191g) and lower SIM-free price (£420 v £520). Thought has also gone into the M800’s connections with a native 2.5in headphone port compared the TyTN II’s continuing insistence on miniUSB.

The M800 is scheduled to ship next month and we can only hope the company finally picks up a telco because after a number of dry runs it looks like E-TEN is ready to take on (and beat?) the best…