E-cigarettes are now banned on all flights to and from the US

You can no longer use an e-cigarette on a flight to or from America, the US government has ruled.

The ban applies to commercial aeroplanes, including all domestic and foreign carriers with flights scheduled to and from the US.

The US Department of Transportation ruled that you can’t use e-cigarettes or electronic cigars, pipes, and similar devices designed to look like everyday objects.

Medical devices such as nebulisers are exempt. It isn’t clear whether vaporisers are included in the ban.

“This final rule is important because it protects airline passengers from unwanted exposure to aerosol fumes that occur when electronic cigarettes are used onboard aeroplanes,” said the Department of Transportation’s Anthony Foxx.

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The current regulations banned smoking but didn’t explicitly define it. This ban clears up any confusion as to whether or not that includes e-cigarettes.

Studies have shown that e-cigarette aerosols can contain harmful chemicals. While scientific opinion is divided over whether or not they are actually dangerous, this ruling will act as a precautionary measure until further research has been done.

A couple of years ago, airlines allowed electronic gadgets to be used during take-off and landing, as well as during flight, as was previously allowed.


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