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Dyson’s new accessories will leave your hair feeling Supersonic

Dyson Supersonic hairdryer owners, today is a good hair day. The air blowing/sucking firm has announced a pair of new attachments for its debut beauty product.

The £300 Dyson Supersonic hairdryer, which our reviewer called “the best money can buy” can now be augmented with gentle air dryer and wide-tooth comb attachments.

The former, which costs £35, is designed for those with fine hair. It’ll go easy on your scalp and prevent colour fade. Dyson says it provides a softer, more diffused airflow while still drying your hair quickly.

“The attachment manipulates the machine’s airflow to widen its path, delivering a gentle, cooler airflow to the scalp,” Dyson writes in a press release. “It does this by maintaining the same amount of energy as bare product through diffusing the air over a larger area. This allows users to have the benefit of using the product in the high flow and high heat settings.”

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The wide-toothed comb attachment, meanwhile, can help shape, lengthen and create volume, according to Dyson. It says conventional combs are always breaking and lack styling capabilities, but this one just won’t quit and it won’t hurt either.

Dyson Supersonic

The company adds: “Dyson’s new Wide-tooth comb’s teeth have a large soft radius. This facilitates a balance of evenness of flow distribution across the attachment. This helps prevent pain whilst enabling even drying. The teeth are held together by a flexible torsion bar. This enables effective detangling whilst allowing the teeth to naturally conform to the shape of the scalp in-use.”

The comb also costs £35.

The Supersonic’s main selling point is that it can dry your hair in nearly half the time as a conventional dryer, while providing quieter operation. Afterwards, your hair appears smoother and straighter. However, it is pricey, has considerable heft and requires users to stop drying to change the temperature or speed.

Our reviewer, Amy Cutmore concluded: “If you really care about your ‘do, then I reckon the Supersonic is a worthy buy. Its ability to smooth hair was particularly impressive. It could save you a fortune in styling products, and you might even be able to ditch your GHDs or those pricey Brazilian straightening treatments at your local salon.”