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Dyson Pure Cool Me: This time air purification is personal

After impressing with its range of whole-room air purifiers, such as the excellent Pure Cool Tower, Dyson is turning its attention to a more personal product. The Dyson Pure Cool Me is a compact cooler, designed for personal use on a desk or bedside table

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Key to the product is its unique design. While other Dyson Air Purifiers have used the company’s bladeless air multiplier technology (you get a big disc that you can put your head through), the Pure Cool Me uses Core Flow.

Inspired by the Harrier Jump Jet, Dyson engineers discovered that when two jets of air meet on a convex surface, they converge to create a high-pressure core and focussed stream of air. With the Dyson Pure Cool Me, air is blasted up to the convex dome, which can be moved to shift the pinpoint direction of the air.

Dyson Pure Cool Me fan design

It’s impressive to see in action, with the fan hitting a pinpoint area, letting you focus the cooling air directly on yourself. There’s 70-degrees of oscillation, too.

As a purifier, the fan can capture 99.95% of particle pollutants. Once the filter is full, replacing it is as easy as lifting the ball head off, sliding the old filter out and putting the new one in.

There’s a nigh mode on the fan dimming the LCD screen on the front and letting you set the run time for between 30 minutes and eight hours. Unlike previous purifying models, the Pure Cool Me doesn’t have Wi-Fi built in, so this model can’t be controlled via either the Dyson Link app or Amazon Alexa. According to Dyson, these features aren’t included as it helps keep the price down and, as a personal product, you’re likely to be in operating range of it.

All controls are managed via the remote control, which nattily connects via a magnet to the front of the purifier’s case. The Dyson Pure Cool Me is available now and costs £299.99. We’ll have a full review of the product in the coming weeks.