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How much battery life does the DualSense controller have?

It’s November, which means the PS5 is less than two weeks from launch and our review of the next-gen console is officially live.

While there are plenty of upgrades to look forward to with the console itself, we can’t forget the new and improved DualSense controller.

The DualSense is set to replace the DualShock 4 as the top-of-the-line PlayStation controller and it’s packed with new features, including haptic triggers in the shoulder buttons, a built-in microphone and an all-new two-tone design.

Sony has also delivered a number of battery improvements. The DualSense marks the addition of USB-C charging, which has become the industry standard over recent years, replacing the Micro USB port in the DualShock 4.

But, what about the battery life? Read on to find out how much battery the DualSense controller has.

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How much battery does the DualSense controller have?

In testing, we found that the DualSense lasted a total of 13 hours and 11 minutes. While the exact number will depend on the games and apps you use, 13 hours is still a big improvement over the DualShock 4’s battery life which generally lasted around eight hours. That’s an additional five hours of gaming without plugging your controller in.

The DualSense controller packs a 1,560 mAh battery, giving it a capacity over 1.5 times that of the DualShock 4’s 1000 mAh battery. Obviously, how long each controller lasts depends on the console’s power consumption as well as battery capacity, but it sounds as though the 1,560 mAh is more than good enough to keep the PS5 controller going longer than it’s predecessor.

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While we’ve found ways to make the DualShock 4’s battery last longer, there’s no question that a longer battery life is a welcome improvement and the upgrade to USB-C doesn’t hurt either. Mileage will vary if you’re playing haptic and trigger intensive titles such as Astro’s Playroom, but it’s definitely an improvement over the DualShock 4.

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