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Dropbox Infinite by-passes need for hard drive space

Cloud storage giant Dropbox has announced a new initiative which makes it easy to access files stored in the cloud, regardless of available hard-drive space.

The new Dropbox Infinite platform enables customers to access files via a placeholder within the Windows Explorer or Mac OS X’s Finder.

Those users will be able to open and edit and of those files without taking up any space on their hard drive.

The initiative is a break from the norm where files are saved on both the desktop and in the cloud with copies automatically synced when changes are made.

Infinite will be of great use to those without the hard-drive space to keep the documents they want to access from the cloud.

It is geared towards businesses that may wish to give access to terabytes of data, which employees are unable to store upon their local hard-drives

Items that are already synced locally will still by identified by a green tick whereas those only saved within Dropbox will feature a cloud icon.

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In a blog post, the company explained: “Project Infinite will enable users to seamlessly and securely access all their Dropbox files from the desktop, regardless of how much space they have available on their hard drives. Everything in the company’s Dropbox that you’re given access to, whether it’s stored locally or in the cloud, will show up in Dropbox on your desktop.”

Project Infinite will support Windows 7 or Mac OS X 10.9 and up.

Right now the feature is being aimed at business users, but you can check it out in the video below.