Drop Test Shows Galaxy SII Beats iPhone

When it comes to the premium smartphones, we can talk all day about MHz, amount of RAM, software and

looks, but if the phone disintegrates

when dropped, it will mean nothing.

Out in the real world, dropping your phone is a real worry

and one slip could mean your prized possession is lying in pieces on the ground.

And so, in a bid to test which smartphone is better at handling drops from a variety of heights,

a company which specialises in warranties for smartphones has carried out a

pretty comprehensive drop test.

SquareTrade, a US company which is about to set up in the UK,

has carried out a drop test comparing the current kings of the smartphone

market, the Samsung Galaxy S II and the iPhone 4S.

As you can see in the video posted above, the Apple handset

comes out of the tests in a lot worse condition that the Samsung phone, which

is mostly down to the materials which go into constructing the iPhone –

especially the glass back and front.

While the result of the test may not be a deciding factor in

your choice of smartphone, if you are prone to dropping your phone then it

should be something to consider.

SquareTrade will officially launch in the UK in the next few weeks, initially offering warranties for iPhones and iPads.