The $15,000 DJI drone that won’t be getting a Black Friday discount

DJI is known for peddling quality drones at high prices; its latest model is no exception.

Meet the DJI Agras MG-1, a super-charged drone that will set back customers an incredible $15,000.

But this drone isn’t for just any old schmuck – it’s specifically intended to be used in the agriculture industry.

That’s because the Agras MG-1 is actually a crop-spraying drone that DJI hopes will make farming a little safer, as first revealed by the Wall Street Journal.

The eight-rotor drone is intended as an alternative approach to current crop-spraying methods, which include small planes, vehicles, and hand-operated, backpack-fed sprayers.

“It can spray pesticides on seven to 10 acres of farmland per hour, depending on how much it needs to climb, descend or turn to follow the terrain,” reads the WSJ report.

The drone will initially be sold in China and South Korea, but will eventually retail in other countries too.

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While this is clearly a business-focused device, DJI is the market leader in the civilian drone industry.

The Chinese company, founded back in 2006, is most famous for its Phantom series of camera drones.

We recently reviewed the DJI Phantom 3 Professional, scoring the quadcopter 8/10.

The review praised the drone for its ease of use, 4K video quality, and the robust, customizable remote control.

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