Dragon Scares 10GB Into 1in HDD

Coming to PDAs, MP3 players and mobile phones near you...

With the purchase of Maxtor Seagate may be screaming “Who’s Your Daddy?” to everyone who cares to listen, but proportionately minor Colorado manufacturer Cornice is the one that has just cut new ground in the miniature hard drive sector.


Measuring just 40 x 30 x 3.5mm and weighing a bulimic 10.5g, the Dragon Series Micro Hard Drive crams in a massive 10GB of capacity, while its Kate Moss exterior disguises a device capable of withstanding all sorts of abuse. Cornice claims the DSM suffers no ill effects from shaking, its owners jogging with it in a pocket or even dropping it from waist heights. It’s like a Tonka zapped by Rick Moranis in Honey! I shrunk The Kids.

Furthermore, Cornice boasts that its monster micro HDD has just half the power demands of its former drives, so if performance enhancing drugs actually helped lab technicians produce better products I’d be sending a heavily duty police force down there right now with some stiff toxicity tests. As it stands, several hefty man hugs seem more appropriate.

Clearly PDA, mobile phone and MP3 player manufacturers are going to be doing back flips over this development and so will we once we start receiving our sub 100g devices with 10GB drives…