Dragon Age 4: All the latest news on the upcoming RPG

While Bioware is currently working hard on Anthem, which is set to launch in Spring 2019, Dragon Age 4 has quietly been confirmed by select staff at the development studio. Inquisition was adored by many and delivered a huge fantasy adventure that made player decisions matter in its massive open-world.

However, there were plenty of areas in which it could have been tightened up and improved whether it be through minor changes or completely overhauling certain systems.

Trusted Reviews has compiled everything we know about Dragon Age 4 including all the latest news, release date and our very own wishlist of dream features. 

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What is Dragon Age 4?

Presumably in the early stages of development, Dragon Age 4 will be a fantasy RPG acting as the fourth installment in the long-running series. Little else is known beyond that, or how it will take inspiration from Bioware’s more recent efforts.

Dragon Age 4 release date

It’s a long way off, that much is for certain. Bioware’s primary focus in the foreseeable future is Anthem, which isn’t due to release until early 2019. After taking post-launch support and updates into consideration, Dragon Age 4 might not surface until 2020 or even later.

In terms of platforms, we’d expect to see PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Although, it’s unknown whether new consoles such as PS5 will be available at the time of Dragon Age 4’s release.

Dragon Age 4 news

Discussion around Dragon Age 4 has surfaced multiple times on social media although nothing official has been announced thus far. It’s being worked on, and Bioware general manager Casey Hudson confirmed as such in a recent tweet.

Despite leaving Bioware in October 2017, designer Mike Laidlaw tweeted in August 2017 that in terms of the world, characters and story: Dragon Age has an evolving plan that could span 2 additional games or more.

Live elements seen in games such as Monster Hunter World and Destiny 2 may also be incorporated into Dragon Age 4, although their implementation hasn’t been expanded upon in any major way thus far. A January 2018 report from Kotaku claims that development had been ‘rebooted’ to accommodate ‘live elements’ of sorts into the game.

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Dragon Age 4 wishlist – Things we’d love to see

A bigger and more ambitious world

Dragon Age: Inquisition was certainly no slouch in terms of scope. In many ways, it was absolutely huge and filled with surprising new characters and monsters just waiting to be dominated. That being said, we could see Bioware pushing the boat out even further with an even more ambitious universe.

It’ll also be nice to see less repetition in the environments, too. Inquisition kept you in the Hinterlands for far too long that it encumbered the overall pacing. Dragon Age 4 should strive for a bigger sense of variety across its landscape with terrain and creatures we simply won’t see coming.

Increased number of specialisations

This would make combat and character customisation far more interesting, encouraging us to experiment with different play styles that force us to conjure up different strategies while thinking outside the box. 

Some ideas that immediately come to mind include the Templar, Rogue, Assassin and more. Fans have already expressed their passion for such an addition, showcasing so much potential for new abilities and aesthetic ideas that could really help you stand out. 

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Resolve the Inquisition cliffhanger

We won’t spoil any specifics here because it’s better to experience it for yourself, but we desperately want Dragon Age 4 to resolve plot threads left hanging by its predecessor.

The Solas storyline, in particular, hides plenty of secrets we’re eager to uncover and could lead to plenty of intriguing situations in the sequel.

A deeper connection with our party members

The relationship between our virtual friends has always been one of the biggest strengths in Bioware titles. You’ll not only become battle-hardened comrades but even form romantic relationships with characters of your choice. We’d like this to mean more instead of merely concluding in a soft-core sex scene.

Additional dialogue choices and quests deepening relationships once you reach a certain threshold would be amazing to see. Perhaps this could result in new rewards in the form of equipment and abilities otherwise unattainable. It’d encourage replay value while also making our decisions feel meaningful.

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