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DOTA Auto Chess is getting a mobile standalone release, but it’s dropping the DOTA

Phenomenally successful mod Dota Auto Chess is the latest smash hit mod to hit the gaming scene, with six million players and counting. Now, it’s coming to mobile, except someone seems to have filed off all of the serial numbers.

Developer Drodo Studio is partnering with developers Dragonest to bring the project to iOS and Android in China, where you can register interest on the relevant app storefronts. However, along the way it has shed the Dota label, and those Dota characters, too.

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Auto Chess is also shedding the iconic characters from Dota 2 — perhaps obviously — but looking at the visuals it’s easy to pick out a Pudge, Bloodseeker and a little red fella that is the spitting image of Dota best boy Axe.

Still, this is a huge step. More than 300,000 players have already signed up to pre-reserve their space, and so far you can only do that if you’re in China.

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There’s no word on whether or not we’ll see the game in the west, or when that might actually happen, but it’s a huge step. Drodo previously had said that it had no plans for a standalone PC release.

Still, if the mobile version grows a large audience, and new assets have been produced for that game to make it (legally) distinct from the game it spawned from, a potential PC version seems like a no brainer, doesn’t it?

Having Auto Chess in my pocket sounds like a compelling idea, except that there’s absolutely no chance that that will magically make me any less terrible at the whole thing.

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