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Doing the grocery run at Amazon Go is a bit like shoplifting

If you watch the promotional video for the new Amazon Go grocery store minus audio, you’ll see people seemingly shoplifting their groceries by picking up items, shoving them in a bag and walking out of the store.

However, what we’re really seeing is the utopian brick and mortar market of the future, where there are no queues and no need to hand over cash or cards.

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Visitors will be able to scan their phones as they walk in and then lift items off the shelves, activating a sensor that’ll add it them to the virtual basket.

If you decide against that sweet treat, you can simply place it back on the shelf to remove it from  your order.

When your shop is complete, you’ll simply be able to stroll out of the store without handing over cash or cards. Upon your exit the store you’ll simply be charged and sent a receipt.

Thus far there only store is located in Amazon’s homeland of Seattle, Washington and it’s exclusive to Amazon employees right now before an official opening in early 2017.

The firm has said it wants to open up locations all over the US within the next decade.

It seems there might be a lot for Amazon to suss out in the meantime, like could you stand really close to someone and pick up the item and thus add it to there shopping rather than yours?

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