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Does the Surface Pro X come with a keyboard?

Thinking about picking up Microsoft’s spiffy new Surface Pro X 2020, but not sure if you need to pick up a keyboard as well?

Well, you’re not alone as the marketing imagery Microsoft’s used isn’t exactly clear. Here to help we’ve created this guide to answer the key question:

Does the Surface Pro X come with a keyboard?

The Surface Pro X does not come bundled with a keyboard. You have to pay extra to get Microsoft’s optional Signature Keyboard attachment.

This is a little cheeky as the convertible, like all Windows devices, isn’t great when used as a basic tablet, so you really will want to invest in a keyboard if you want to take full advantage of the new Surface Pro X.

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The experience doesn’t come cheap either with the Surface Pro X regular keyboard costing a whopping £129.99 on the Microsoft Store. For context, you can get a solid mechanical gaming keyboard for that price.

The Surface Pro X is Microsoft’s flagship Arm-based convertible. This makes it fairly different to traditional Surface devices which generally run on Intel CPUs.

This means it can only run select apps which have been optimised for Arm. The plus side is that Arm is a lot less demanding than Intel, as a rule of thumb, so the X offers significantly longer battery life.

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Microsoft launched the original Surface Pro X last year. It followed it up this year with a new Surface Pro X 2020. The latest device has an identical clamshell, screen and set of storage and RAM options to the original. The only big difference is that it’s been upgraded to a new, allegedly more powerful SQ2 processor.

The new Surface Pro X launched alongside Microsoft’s new laptop, the Surface Laptop Go. The new laptop is an entry level device aimed at students and regular users.