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Does the iPhone 12 Pro have a 120Hz display?

Apple has finally revealed the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, ending months of speculation about what these new phones might look like. But there’s been one question on many people’s lips – Does the iPhone 12 Pro have a 120Hz display?

Let’s start by quickly going over what a 120Hz display is, and why it’s become one of our favourite features on Android phones this year. A 120Hz display is a faster screen, refreshing twice as much as a standard 60Hz panel (the type you’ll find on all iPhones). This makes everything feels smoother, from gaming to just scrolling through Twitter.

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Does the iPhone 12 Pro have a 120Hz display?

The iPhone 12 Pro does not have a 120Hz display. Although rumours suggest we might see it next year.

Apple didn’t mention the speed of the screen during its ‘Hi, Speed’ event so we see no reason to assume it has jumped from its 60Hz predecessors.

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While this will likely be a disappointment to some, it looks like Apple made the decision to go with 5G rather than 120Hz. This has been said to be down battery issues, and we have to say we’re happy to wait another year for a faster display if adding it would have meant the iPhone 12 would have suffered in terms of endurance. While these faster screens are nice, they’re not worth sacrificing a day of battery life for.

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120Hz displays, along with the slightly slower 90Hz variants, are now commonplace on pretty much every Android phone. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has one, as does the Pixel 5 (90Hz) and the excellent Sony Xperia 5 II. You’ll also find it on some cheaper options, like a number of Realme devices.

Apple isn’t completely in the dark when it comes to faster screens, as the iPad Pro 2020 utilises a fast ProMotion panel which dynamically switches the refresh rate up to 120Hz depending on what you’re doing.