Does the HTC One X Have a Design Fault?

The One series is HTC’s great Android hope for 2012. But its flagship model, the HTC One X, may have a significant design flaw. Screen distortion threatens this Android phone’s position as one of the few phones that can challenge the iPhone 5 this year.

At review, we found the HTC One X has the “best screen currently available on a phone”, but elsewhere a somewhat serious flaw has been found in its display design. CNET writes that applying pressure to the edge of the display causes a rippling effect that distorts the screen image. It’s something we noted recently in the Toshiba AT200, and isn’t something that feels at home in a top-end £500-plus device.
HTC has responded to these reports, saying that such a problem “would never be allowed to slip”, and suggested that it features in pre-retail units – such as those sent out for review purposes.  If you have an HTC One X and have noticed any of these screen issues, drop us a comment below.

In other news, there have also been reports of the HTC One S finish flaking off, although HTC claims it has been rigorously tested and should offer ceramic-like toughness. The question is – are these issues just HTC-bashing, and within the normal threshold of niggles buyers should learn to accept? Or does HTC have a problem on its hands?

The HTC One X is available now, selling for around £479.99 SIM-free and you can snag one for free on contracts in the £35 a month area.

via Tech Radar