DLP Debuts 2G Mobile Phone Projector

Exciting tech hopes to "redefine the mobile display viewing experience"...

Do you remember the stunning pico-projector mobile phone? Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Motorola and Sony Ericsson may not have done anything with it yet, but inventor TI certainly has…

Today the company announced a second generation – also based on its DLP technology, which adds significant advancements to the original yet vastly cuts down on the form factor.

Now capable of being fitted into a form factor no thicker than 10mm, the projector is a genuinely viable prospect and is capable of displaying video up to the size of a piece of A4 paper (11 x 8.5in). Sadly DLP provided no photography of the product itself however (it is the first gen above) or details of the resolution or frame rates of which it is capable, simply stating it would deliver “smoother images with no ‘screen door’ effect; crisp and clear presentation of fast motion video; vibrant colours created by its BrilliantColor technology”. For the record the original pico projector managed HVGA – 640 x 240, perfectly acceptable for the projection size).

Speaking on the announcement Frank J. Moizio, Manager of Emerging Markets Business at TI, said “The DLP pico-projector technology has serious potential to redefine the mobile display viewing experience. Today there are approximately 1.4 billion mobile devices with screens that are less than 3.5 inches; our innovation opens the opportunity to have information and video displayed in a much more compelling way – without compromise to the size of current mobile devices.”

Wise words indeed.

No release timeframe has been given for the 2G pico (the first was never made available to the mass market) but TI mobile phone partner Sypro said it hoped to see “new revenue opportunities in the near future” so start wishing really hard.

I hope to garner more specs on the 2G pico projector soon, but until then it’s time to start that blissful daydream…