DisneyLife is Disney’s version of Netflix

Disney will launch a digital subscription service featuring its animated and live action films in the UK next month.

DisneyLife, which will also feature books, television series, and music, is a first of its kind and will include the entire Pixar catalogue, so get ready to start streaming classics such as Toy Story and The Jungle Book.

As the Financial Times reports, the service will not include any Marvel or Lucasfilm titles, which are owned by Disney, so bad luck for Avengers and Star Wars fans.

Thousands of Disney Channel episodes, albums, and books will be available however when the service goes live next month.

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The company plans to bring DisneyLife to France, Spain, Germany, and Italy next year but will not be offering the service in the US where prior agreements with cable and satellite companies could be affected.

Monthly subscriptions will cost £9.99 and content will be available in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Users can also download content so they can watch it offline.

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