Disney Videos Coming To YouTube

YouTube And Disney have announced a partnership which will

see Disney-produced programming becoming available for the online market.

The co-branded videos will be available on both YouTube and

Disney.com with the videos geared towards family audiences. The videos will begin to

appear on YouTube from the beginning of next year and Disney.com later in 2012.

Disney will also be providing current shows from its studio

which will be shown on the YouTube channel. In recent times, YouTube has been

striving to provide more original programming.

“As we prepare to re-launch Disney.com in fall 2012,

the Disney/YouTube destination will play a critical part in our next generation

platform,” said Jimmy Pitaro, co-president of Disney Interactive.

YouTube Disney

Last month YouTube announced that it would be partnering with

individuals and organisations as diverse as Aston Kutcher and the Wall Street

Journal with the company reportedly spending $100 million on the project.

With more and more people purchasing connected TVs these

days, online video portals such as YouTube will become more and more popular as

people move away from watching TV in a traditional sense to a more interactive

and selective approach.

Source: Reuters

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