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DirectX 12 will unlock extra power from integrated GPUs

Microsoft has outlined a new DirectX 12 feature that can unlock extra power from existing integrated GPUs.

DirectX 12’s new feature is called Multiadapter and gives your PC the option to draw resources from a motherboard’s integrated GPU alongside your standalone graphics card.

“Before Windows 10 and DirectX 12, all the performance potential from the second GPU goes unused,” said Microsoft’s Andrew Yeung on the DirectX Developer Blog. “[Now] application developers can use every GPU on the system simultaneously.”

“We recognised that most mixed GPU systems in the world were not making the most out of the hardware they had. WE set out to enable separable and contiguous workloads to be executed in parallel on separate GPUs.”

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Although the advantages of Multiadapter are fairly wide-reaching, Microsoft used the example of postprocessing to help illustrate the benefits.

“Virtually every game out there makes use of postprocessing to make your favourite game visually impressive; but that postprocessing work doesn’t come free. By offloading some of the postprocessing work to a second GPU, the first GPU is freed up to start on the next frame before it would have otherwise been able to, improving overall framerate.”

This announcement follows previous rumours that DirectX could allow users to harness the power of multiple GPUs from different companies.

Multiadapter might sound similar, but it seems that its usefulness only extends to an integrated GPU with a standalone graphics card.