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Did the first Apple Watch update bork heart rate data reports?

A number of Apple Watch owners claim they are receiving infrequent heart rate data updates from the wearable device since installing the first Watch OS update this week.

MacRumors brings word from several early adopters, who’re seeing more sporadic data reports on their data reported iPhone’s Health app. Before installing Watch OS 1.0.1, were sent a BPM reading from the built-in monitor every ten minutes.

Now some users are complaining up to 8 hours are passing between updates, while others say intervals between the updates have become less frequent.

One user wrote: “I also noticed that my heart rate data in the health app for about a week period is gone and my heart rate data is now updating into the app intermittently. I spoke with Apple customer service this morning, but data could not be restored and their advice was to restart both the iPhone and the Watch, clean the sensor back, and keep an eye on it. That, unfortunately, has not fixed anything and I think there might be a bigger problem on our, er, hands (or wrists).”

The 10 minute reporting cycle is designed to give users a full picture of how their heart rate varies throughout the day, depending on whether they’re at work, commenting, exercising or relaxing. The idea is to give users the power to make decisions on their lifestyle depending on the data, or to show it to doctors in order to assist with diagnoses.

Apple is informing some users it is working on a fix for the problem, according to MacRumors, while advising others to restart their devices.

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The Watch OS 1.0.1 improved the device’s ability to track your movement data, while also boosting Siri’s functionality. However, it wouldn’t be the first time a software update has inadvertently affected other features.

Has Apple broken your heart (rate data) with the Apple Watch update? Let us know your thoughts below.