Destiny gameplay trailer released as pre-order perks detailed

Bungie has released a brand new Destiny gameplay trailer along with the first pre-order bonus perks.

The 7-minute long Destiny gameplay trailer, entitled “The Devil’s Lair, shows three heavily armoured characters battling through the lair to defeat the bad guys.

“The fallen will continue to claw at the walls of our city unless we strike them down. Beneath the ruins of the Cosmodrome, in the shadow of an old colony ship, we’ve located the House of Devils’ lair,” booms the voice over. “We must destroy this machine guard and send their souls screaming back to hell.”

Although it’s a good 5 months until the Destiny release date on September 9, there’s nothing in this gameplay trailer that makes us want to hit that pre-order button with speed.

There’s the standard hold off the horde while we open a door sequence as we’ve seen in hundreds of games before Destiny. Everything else seems just as conventional right now.

The weapons do look a little different from your average FPS, but its futuristic setting helps make it all a little more sci-fi.

However, if you are inclined to pre-order Destiny, you might want to hear about some of the pre-order perks on offer.

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GAME in the UK and GameStop in the US are both offering an exclusive Sparrow bonus for anyone who pre-orders the game.

The Sparrow is basically a motorbike, or the Destiny equivalent of a faithful steed that will get you around the map faster than if you travelled on foot.

“Sparrows are rapid deployment vehicles designed to get you where you need to go at breakneck speed. Along with the custom paintjob, this exclusive, prototype version features upgraded initial acceleration and higher top speed than the standard model. To compensate for the boost, the hull has also been fitted with enhanced armour plating”, explains GAME.

Take a look at the Sparrow trailer below, which gives us a first look at vehicle action in Destiny.

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