Here’s the exclusive Destiny 2 loot being gifted to Virgin Media customers

Virgin Media has teamed up with Activision and Bungie to offer its broadband customers exclusive in-game loot for Destiny 2.

Activision’s upcoming sci-fi shooter Destiny 2 might not be out yet, but there’s plenty of hype. However, Virgin Media customers now have an additional reason to be excited for the game, as the broadband provider announces a special in-game bonus for its paying users.

When the game launches on September 6, 2017, anyone who pays for ultrafast Virgin Fibre broadband will receive a unique Sparrow vehicle for use in-game. This item will be available across all available platforms, including Sony PS4, Microsoft’s Xbox One, and PC to boot.

Check it out:

“With our ultrafast Virgin Fibre broadband and exclusive Sparrow, Athena Victorious, Virgin Media customers will have an unparalleled Destiny 2 gameplay experience,” said Kerris Bright, Chief Marketing Officer at Virgin Media.

Bright continued: “Our customers can take their Destiny 2 campaign to the next level right from the start and explore the game’s universe at lightning-fast speed.”

The Sparrow is dubbed ‘Athena Victorious’, and will be a single-passenger, all-terrain thrust bike that offers “unmatched speed”:  “Quiet, quiet, and simple to transmat, Sparrows enjoy surpassing popularity among Guardians working in the field,” explains Virgin.

You’ll be able to procure the Athena Victorious Sparrow by downloading a code from the following link (which goes live on September 6):

Here are some more images of the Sparrow:

Credit: Virgin Media

Credit: Virgin Media

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