Denon Blu-ray Players Debut

Nice feature set, not so good a price.

Denon, well known producer of quality audio/visual products, has today announced its latest and greatest Blu-ray players, with Gizmodo managing to get the full scoop. The inspiringly named DVD-3800BDCI and DVD-2500BTC should be among the first players to support the new Profile 1, Version 1.1, Blu-ray standard (which became mandatory in November of ’06) out of the box. This means that the player can access Java-based extra features in films that older non-1.1 supporting players wont be able to run.

Also featured are dual audio and video decoders to enable picture-in-picture display, which lets you to have, say, a director’s commentary overlay the film you’re currently watching. An SD card slot is fitted allowing content to be transferred from a PC. Using a high-quality 10-bit Silicon Optix Realta chipset the DVD-3800BDCI keeps all decoding work on-board, whereas the DVD-2500BTC requires an off-board audio decoder which you can connect to the player’s HDMI 1.3 port. Useful, if you already have a high-end sound system and want to save a bit of cash.

Both players should be released this autumn and, while no price is available for the DVD-2500BTC, the DVD-3800BDCI will set you back $2000. No UK release date and pricing has been set so far, but expect it to be high.

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